Activating your access card

To initialise your card present it to a silver-coloured Salto Online Reader, these are positioned at the entrances to all of the main University buildings and on the car park barriers themselves.

Salto Wall Reader

Hold your card against the reader for approximately 10 seconds. Keep your card stationary.

When a card is presented to a Salto reader for the first time it will start to flash blue as data is updated on your card. Once the blue light stops flashing, it can take up to 10 seconds, the colour will change to either red or green.

If the light turns green your access has been correctly assigned and the system is fully configured for you. If the light turns red this means you do not have the access on your card.

Subsequent access will consist of a short blue flash and a green or red flash depending on your access rights.

If this doesn’t work you can call in to the security control room where they will update it on the PC.

To find your nearest Security office please click on the link: Where we are