Car Parking Policy

DEFINITIONS The following terms shall have the meanings specified:

Campus means any land or buildings under the control or ownership of the University, including land or buildings occupied by private individuals or companies whether as tenants or licensees.

Likely to cause an obstruction or danger means the positioning of a vehicle in a marked car park in a location not defined as a parking bay or the positioning of a vehicle in an unmarked parking area in a manner contrary to local signs or in a manner deemed by Security Staff to potentially limit the movement of other vehicles including access/egress of emergency service vehicles.

Controlled Hours means those hours during which barrier control is in use at all entrance access points.


1. All roads within any Campus come under the Road Traffic Acts and Police may be called to deal with any serious breaches of the Acts.

2. The maximum speed limit for vehicles within any Campus is 10 miles per hour and vehicles must at all times be driven in accordance with the Highway Code and with due care and consideration for all vehicular traffic, pedestrians, University property and wildlife. Drivers must treat pedestrian crossings on any Campus in the same way as those located off campus.

3. All users of vehicles on any Campus shall comply with traffic signs and notices which may be displayed either permanently or from time to time and with instructions from Security Officers or other employees having requisite authority.

4. All vehicles used on any Campus must be registered in terms of the Vehicles (Excise) Act 1974 and all drivers must hold a current insurance policy providing cover against third party risks (Section 143 Road Traffic Act 1988).

5. Staff and eligible students wishing to park a vehicle on any Campus will be required to register their vehicle(s) and display a valid Permit for that year on the top or bottom right hand corner of the vehicle windscreen whenever the vehicle is driven or parked on the Campus. Permits denote a holder’s entitlement to gain vehicular access to the Campus but do not provide guaranteed access to a car parking space. Motorcyclists are required to register their vehicle but are not required to display a Permit.

6. Access to any Campus will be controlled throughout the calendar year by means of entry barriers at the main entrances. These barriers will be automatically operated to allow vehicles with a valid Permit onto Campus. Visitors who shall only be spending a limited time on campus will be issued with a temporary Visitor Permit which must be displayed in the vehicle windscreen.

8. All roads and parking areas within the University are private property and are provided at the Universities expense. Although every effort will be made within the resources available to provide convenient and secure parking facilities, the University cannot accept responsibility for the vehicles parked on the premises or their contents. Parking is at the owner or operators own risk.

Any damage caused by Staff/Student/Visitors parking on University premises must be reported, failure to do so may result in Staff/Student/Visitors being refused entry to park on University premises in the future.

9. Permits
Permits will be issued on application to members of staff, currently registered 1st year undergraduate students resident in Treforest campus accommodation, post graduate students employed by the University and other regular users.

Applicants must hold a full driving licence. Provisional licence holders are not eligible to apply for a permit.

Staff, eligible students and other regular users may apply for a full charge Permit that will cover the full parking year with discounted charges being applied to certain users as follows:

  • Part-time staff with will receive an appropriate discount on the cost of a full charge Permit.
  • Officially registered disabled users will receive a Permit free of charge on production of their personal Blue Badge.
  • A pro-rata rebate will be paid to users who leave the University during the Permit year based on the number of calendar months left at the time of leaving, excluding the month in which they leave.
  • Where permit holders have two vehicles listed the charge will be based on the vehicle that is most frequently used. This will be spot checked and any abuse will mean that the Permit maybe revoked.
  • Cars and bicycles may only be parked in those areas designated as University car or bicycle parks and, in the case of cars, for which an appropriate valid Permit is held. Only blue badge holders or disabled users registered with the University may park in parking spaces designated for those with disabilities. Vehicles registered as belonging to members of staff or to students cannot be deemed a visitor under the terms of the Regulations.

No parking of caravans, mobile homes, vans, minibuses or similar vehicles is permitted without the special permission of the Property Services Manager Gareth Llewellyn ( Under no circumstances may such vehicles, when permitted to use the car park, be used for sleeping accommodation.

11. Permit Holders are prohibited from waiting or park in the following areas:

  • The Crèche access road and car park, except when visiting the Nursery or on official University business.
  • The USW Conference Centre, except when visiting the Conference Centre or on Official University Business.
  • Areas marked by double yellow lines adjoining the kerb
  • Yellow box hatchings
  • Areas likely to impede the access of emergency vehicles
  • Areas likely to cause unnecessary obstruction
  • Pedestrian crossing points
  • Loading Bays
  • Pedestrian footpaths
  • All areas clearly not intended for parking
  • Disabled parking bays (reserved for blue badge holders and temporary disabled permit holders)

10. 1st year students resident on Treforest campus accommodation only, are permitted to bring a car onto campus and have to apply for a parking permit, on a first come first served basis (unless they are officially registered as Blue Badge holders).

Registered non-resident students will be entitled to park in any car park designated for general student use.

12. Any vehicle parked out of a specified parking space, on yellow lines, or in a car park for which the appropriate current Permit is not held, or in any manner likely to cause an obstruction or a danger to other users, will be noted and a warning sticker placed on the vehicle informing the owner that they have breached the University’s Traffic and Parking Regulations, (hereinafter referred to as The Regulations).

The Regulations are in force 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. After three warnings, you will receive and email informing that if there is a further breach of the Regulations within a 3 month period Directorate have agreed that your parking right can be withdrawn and you barrier pass suspended for a three month period.

13. Motor cycles, scooters and bicycles may not be ridden along University paths or in areas which are normally closed to private motor vehicles.

14. Any motor vehicle which, in the opinion of the University, is causing an obstruction or a safety hazard or is found to have been apparently abandoned within the University grounds will be liable to be removed. In cases of apparent abandonment, the University will take all reasonable steps to obtain the registered owner’s particulars, and if ownership is established, the owner will be requested in writing to have the vehicle removed within 28 days. Failure by the owner to do so will result in arrangements being made for its disposal. Any expenses incurred in the removal or by the abandonment or disposal of such a vehicle will be met by the registered owner.

15. In a case where ownership of any motor vehicle cannot be established the University reserves the right to dispose of the vehicle. In such circumstances the University will not be responsible for any damage whatsoever, which may result to the vehicle.

Car Share Scheme

The benefits of the car sharing will be to:

  • Reduce the number of cars travelling to the University and in turn will reduce the number of cars on campus by increasing efficiency of car use.
  • Actively support the University’s Sustainability policy and Green Travel Plan.
  • Allow users to save money on travel and parking costs, which will result significant savings for individuals involved by sharing the costs.
  • The Car Sharing Regulations are shown in Appendix A.

Crime Prevention

All vehicles are parked on University sites at the owner’s risk and the University accepts no liability for the safety and security of such vehicles.

Most car crime is opportunist and you can put thieves off with vigilance and by taking the following simple precautions:

  1. Never leave a car door unlocked or a window/sun roof open
  2. Do not leave any belongings on display in your car (lock them in the boot)
  3. Security mark your stereo and if it’s removable, always take it with you
  4. If you have a Satellite Navigation device ensure you not only remove the device but also remove any tell tale ring mark on your windscreen
  5. Do not leave credit cards or cheque books in a glove compartment
  6. Never leave your vehicle documents in your car
  7. Double check that all doors and windows are locked before leaving the car

Security, patrol all areas of the University throughout the day and night and there is an extensive CCTV (with digital video recording) system for your safety. The incidence of car crime on Campus is extremely low.

To help maintain a safe University immediately report any suspicious persons or incidents to Security on (01443) 482057.

Disputes relating to these Regulations shall be referred in writing to the Property Services Manager Gareth Llewellyn (gareth.llewellyn) in the first instance. Where the dispute cannot be resolved by this route, the user may appeal in writing to the Director of Estates Simon Chiffi ( whose decision shall be final.



1. Introduction
In line with the University’s environmental policies and Green Travel Plan a Car Sharing scheme has been established in order to assist in reducing the volume of traffic visiting its campuses and to encourage a shift away from single occupancy vehicle journeys and to reduce the number of vehicles parking on campus.

The main benefits of joining the scheme are that members will pay a reduced annual parking fee; in addition members will be demonstratively supporting the University’s environmental policies.

2. General Conditions

  1. To become a member of the scheme staff and students are required to complete a registration form and pay the annual fee.
  2. To join the scheme an applicant MUST specify who their passenger will be on the form and the address from where they are travelling from to get to their place of work/study.
  3. If car-sharing partners use each other’s vehicles on a “rota” each driver will be required to purchase a permit for their vehicle and pay the appropriate fee.
  4. To qualify to become a member of the scheme:
  5. All users of the scheme must own a motor vehicle and pay the appropriate fee: This includes both drivers and passengers named on the form.

Full time staff/student

  • Must use the vehicle on at least three occasions each week

Part time staff/students
  • Must use the vehicle on at least 50% or more of planned incoming journeys