Security Policy


Open access to University campuses is rightly seen as an essential ingredient of academic life. Open access does carry some risks and if the general invitation to the campus is not to be abused, some convenient security measures are not only inevitable but highly desirable to maintain the University’s reputation as a safe and secure environment.

The University of South Wales’ Estates & Facilities Department aims to:

  • Provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe, secure and supportive environment for staff, students and visitors and their property
  • Make reasonable efforts to protect the buildings and property which are owned by the University
  • Encourage all users of the University to promote a secure environment through their own conduct
  • Achieve a quick and effective response to incidents that occur on Campus
  • Record all incidents of crime which occur on Campus and to identify particular crime trends
  • Deal effectively with any incident which occurs on Campus and which needs appropriate attention
  • Comply with insurers requirements
  • Advise Directorate, Deans and Heads of Schools/Departments on security and crime prevention matters
  • Liaise with the local Police on matters of common interest and mutual benefit

Your co-operation is sought by:

  • Taking common sense precautions with both University & personal property
  • Reporting any incidents of crime or suspicious behaviour on Campus
  • Taking care of room keys/swipe cards and reporting any losses immediately
  • Locking your door each time you leave your room unattended

The full policy can be read here: Full Security Policy