Space Information

The Space Management team maintains the Universities space management database which records every individual space in the University’s estate. We record:

  • Its size
  • The faculty or department to which it is allocated
  • The principal activity

This data can be accessed on request as drawings or tables.
Space management data is used for various purposes both within and outside of the University:

  • Estate strategy and management
  • Faculty and departmental planning
  • Reporting estates statistics to funders and other bodies
  • External consultants

Each individual space is given a unique space number by the University and all data is recorded against these numbers.

The University’s estate is constantly changing. To keep data up to date, the Space Management team regularly conducts its own audits. However, it is the responsibility of faculties and departments to notify the Space Management team of any inaccuracies or changes to this data.

The Space Management team also supports the Space Management Group to manage the allocation of space in accordance with the University’s Space Management Policy.

Space Allocation

Space Data

Space Utilisation

Modifying Space Data