Sustainable Travel at USW

Staff and Students traveling to the University of South Wales should note that car parking is very limited at all of our campuses, particularly at the start of the autumn term.

The University of South Wales is committed to reducing the impact of its travel, as documented in our USW Travel Plan 2015 – 2020.

We have, like many other major education establishments, implemented a travel plan to enable our staff and students to be fully aware of the travel options and discounts that are available to them when they commute to the University, travel between sites or travel on business.

Travel information and discounts for students and staff are available on the links below.

Student Travel

Staff Travel

USW Travel Plan

The 2015 – 2020 Travel Plan aims to:

  • Deliver a long term commitment to changing travel habits to reduce single occupancy car trips to and from the University.
  • Encourage those travelling within, to and from the University to be able to use public transport, cycle or walk in a safe and secure manner.
  • Improve student, staff and visitor perceptions of travel to the University by non-car modes.
  • Reduce the need to travel on business wherever possible, and to make travel information available (particularly on alternative modes) when business travel is necessary.
  • Promote sustainable inter campus travel, particularly walking and cycling.
  • Reduce the significant environmental impacts of commuting and business travel including: consumption of fossil fuels, harmful emissions, “greenhouse gases” and traffic congestion.
  • Allow the University to play its part in assisting with the achievement of the sustainable travel goals and targets, as promoted by national and local policy.
  • For further detail of the USW Travel Plan follow the link below:-

USW Travel Plan 2015 – 2020