Staff Travel to Merthyr College

Please note: Staff coming to the University of South Wales should note that car parking is very limited at all campuses, particularly at the start of the autumn term.

The University strongly recommends that you consider alternative travel arrangements to driving wherever possible. All campuses are serviced by regular public transport links and are easily accessible by road.

Bus Travel

Train Travel

Cycling or Walking

Car Parking and Car Sharing

Bus Travel

At the Merthyr College Campus there is a bus station located directly opposite the college.

Bus Routes and Timetables

Further details of bus routes and timetables can be obtained from Traveline Cymru

Train Travel

The Merthyr Tydfil College and other Merthyr campuses are within 10 minutes walking distance from Merthyr railway station based in the Town Centre.

Annual Train Season Ticket Discounts for USW Group Staff

34% Discount on Annual Train Season Tickets – Valleys Line Service

As part of the USW Group Travel Plan and in conjunction with Arriva Trains Wales, we are able to offer a 34% discount on Staff Annual Train Season Tickets. Discount is only available on the Valley Lines route services. A list of Valleys Line Stations and the most recent Timetable can be found on Arriva Trains Wales website.

  • To calculate your individual journey prices visit the following National Rail Enquiries web page Season Ticket Calculator
  • Enter the station that you are traveling to and from and this will calculate the non discounted price. To get your discounted price calculate 34% of the non discounted price. You will need to round up to the nearest 10 pence.
  • Purchasing your ticket can be carried out at any staffed station within the Valley Lines route, not through the University.

Once you have confirmed the price of your ticket with the station simply fill out one of the application forms below. There is the option to pay for this upfront with Arriva Trains Wales, or to pay for the ticket in 10 monthly installments by applying for an interest free loan with the University.

USW Group 34% Discount Staff Annual Train Season Ticket WITHOUT LOAN POLICY & APPLICATION FORM

USW Group Staff 34% Discount Annual Train Season Ticket LOAN POLICY & APPLICATION FORM

The interest free loan is only available to staff with a minimum of 10 months employment to cover the initial cost of the season tickets. This must be approved by your Line Manager and Payroll. The loan is repayable in 10 monthly installments.

Once completed and authorized, present this form, together with valid staff ID, a passport sized photo and your payment to any staffed station within the Valley Lines route.

Cycling or Walking

The Taff Trail National Cycle Route 8 runs from Merthyr College starting just past the river footbridge which leads to the Town Centre. It connects to Cardiff ATRiuM, or Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama campuses to the south or Merthyr Tydfil College campus to the north.

Using a combination of Route 8 , Route 4 and Route 47 it is possible to get across from Merthyr to Newport via Caerphilly. See the Sustrans link for further details.

Bicycle shelters and stands

Covered cycle shelters are available outside the main buildings.

Showers and lockers

Bike shelter, locker and shower facilities are available at the College – ask at reception for more details.


USW Staff are eligible to take part in Cyclescheme Salary Sacrifice Scheme. You can save 25% of the cost of a bike and pay for it out of your salary in instalments over a year saving the tax and NI. There are a large number of bike shops that are registered with Cyclescheme. To find out more or take part in the scheme follow the steps below:

  • Visit the USW Cyclescheme link
  • Enter your postcode into the relevant section of the Cyclescheme web page to find your nearest registered bike shop
  • Prior to completing the “Take the next Step” section on the Cyclescheme web site please visit a shop, choose a bike and obtain a quote.
  • Enter the details from the quote onto the web page.

For further information on how the scheme works please contact Payroll.

Please note: Halfords do not operate under Cyclescheme. They have their own Cycle2Work scheme.

To note : Under the rules for salary sacrifice the arrangement for Cycle Scheme cannot reduce an employee’s cash earnings below the National Minimum Wage rates, as confirmed by the HMRC Website.

The USW Group (USW, RWCMD, Merthyr Tydfil College) has negotiated an offer with local bike outlets within close proximity of each campus/institution. It has been agreed the listed bike outlets will offer up to 15% off bikes and bike equipment to staff members of the USW Group who produce the documentation listed below:

Merthyr Tydfil College:- EC Cycles

Please provide University of South Wales Group Identification using your payslip together with photographic ID for Staff. Subject to Terms & Conditions.

Reconditioned Bikes, Bike Hire & Cycle Training

Keeping Cardiff Moving provide a selection of reconditioned bikes at a reduced rate, bike hire and cycle training facilities, just visit the Keeping Cardiff Moving website for more information.


Walking to the college is easy thanks to a comprehensive network of cycle and bridlepaths connecting with Merthyr from all directions. For full details on the National Cycle Network routes visit Sustrans

Travel Applications

Whether you want to try out new routes, strive to be faster, want to face a challenge, have better endurance or improve fitness, walkers, runners and cyclists can use a number of applications, including the following:




Car Parking and Car Sharing

Staff are encouraged to arrange their own car shares as traffic and parking congestion are a regular issue at the College. Staff can use the intranet for finding and offering car sharing opportunities, or alternatively visit the website Liftshare.

How do I arrange a car share to travel to and from University?

Advertise Yourself

Whether you drive yourself and would like to share the cost of your commute with your fellow staff, or you don’t drive and would like a lift to work, you can arrange to car share either by asking around the staff in your office, or by enquiring University-wide by posting a request on the highly popular intranet or by email.


Work out what you’d normally spend on petrol (and tolls if applicable) getting to work, and divide that by the number of people in the car. Remember to include your own share of the costs. From Cardiff to Pontypridd costs around £10-15 a week in an average car (not including tax and maintenance, but generally this is the driver’s responsibility).

Useful Information on Car Sharing

  • Car sharing does not invalidate your insurance, as long as you don’t charge your passengers more than the running costs of the journey. Please do check with your insurance company however for clarification.
  • You don’t have to take anyone who asks: if you’d only feel happy sharing with someone of the same sex, or someone you know, for example, just specify it in your advert.
  • You don’t need to have a car to car share. If you just need a lift, advertise the fact to drivers on Marketplace and offer to pay them for the petrol.
  • The University would benefit from staff car sharing, the car-parks would have more space, the roads would be quieter, and as a result you may even get home quicker.

Car Parking (Including Disabled Parking Permits)

The University strongly recommends that you consider alternative travel arrangements to driving wherever possible. We strongly encourage all staff to use public transport where possible.

Pay & Display Car Parks are available close to Merthyr Tydfil College. Disabled parking is also available.


YourParkingSpace are offering 10% discount to staff and students on any parking booked with them throughout the UK. Use the promotional code UNISOUTHWALES10.