Meet the Team

Director of Estates & Facilities

Simon Chiffi - Director of Estates & Facilities


Energy & Sustainability 

Alice Milanese - Energy & Sustainability Manager


Finance/Help Desk /Admin Team

Samantha Jenkins - Finance / Resource Manager

Beth Parsons - Senior Admin and Resources Officer


Helen Hitchings - Estates Finance Officer

Liz Sakli - Estates Finance Officer


Denise Harmer - Helpdesk/Secretariat 

Paula Williams - Helpdesk/Secretariat


Planning & Projects Team

Mike Bessell - Estates Planning & Projects Manager


Mark Davies - Project Manager

Craig Williams - Project Designer

Nicholas Fletcher - Project Manager

Becky Grant - Space Planning Officer

Property Services Team

Gareth Llewellyn - Property Services Manager

Michael Bassett - Health & Safety Compliance Officer

Carol Evans - Compliance Administrator


Andrew Moore - Security Manager

Chris Beazer - Assistant Security Manager


Roy Darch - Distribution Supervisor

Louise Poole - Distribution Assistant

Andrew Crocker - Distribution Assistant

John Pritchard - Distribution Assistant


Maintenance Team

Lloyd Griffiths - Senior Maintenance Manager

Mario Grech - Mechanical & Electrical Services Manager

Paul Lewis - Maintenance Manager


 Martyn Parsons - Maintenance Officer (Cardiff, Newport City)

Michael Davies - Maintenance Officer – (Glyntaff)

Vacant - Maintenance Officer – (Treforest)


Andrew James - Carpenter/Joiner (Treforest)

Paul Nash - Carpenter / Joiner (Treforest)

Michael Cundliffe - Carpenter / Joiner (Cardiff, Newport City)

Declan Brown - Electrician (Treforest)

Dewi Bundy - Electrician (Treforest)

Joseph Phillips - Electrician (Cardiff, Newport City)

Steven Tapper - Electrician - (Glyntaff)


Christian Matthews - Plumbing & Heating Engineer (Treforest)

Paul Wheeler - Plumbing & Heating Engineer (Treforest)

Paul Bradley - Plumbing & Heating Engineer (Cardiff, Newport City)


Gareth Smith - Painter/Decorator (Treforest)

Aleksandr Cepurnych - Painter/Decorator (Cardiff, Newport City)


Brian Napper - Bricklayer/Builder


Gary Cox - Maintenance Assistant (Treforest)

Jason Bengough - Maintenance Assistant (Treforest) 

Lee Evans - Maintenance Assistant (Treforest)

Phil Walker - Maintenance Assistant (Treforest)

Robert Jones - Maintenance Assistant (Treforest)

David Poole- Maintenance Assistant (Treforest)

Brynley Thomas - Maintenance Assistant (Treforest)

Wayne Lewis - Maintenance Assistant (Treforest)

Dan Smith - Maintenance Assistant (Treforest)


Roger Spencer - Maintenance Assistant (Glyntaff)

Jeff Ashcroft - Maintenance Assistant (Glyntaff)

Steve Denner - Maintenance Assistant (Glyntaff)

Dan Davies - Maintenance Assistant (Glyntaff)


Russell Rowe - Maintenance Assistant (Cardiff)

Jason Hewitt - Maintenance Assistant (Cardiff)


Paul Price - Maintenance Assistant (Newport City)


Simon Baker - Senior Grounds Person (Treforest)

Tyrone Minett - Grounds Person (Treforest)