The University of South Wales's Cleaning Team OCS provides a range of cleaning services and are all BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) qualified.

User Responsibilities:

  1. Contact a supervisor immediately for any spillage or clean up required: Estates helpdesk
  2. Support the Universities waste and recycling scheme and use the correct recycling bins, further information can be found on the Waste & Recycling Webpages

The duties of our team alongside our expectations from the building staff to ensure the areas are kept to the highest standards.

What can you expect from our cleaning services:

What we do: We do not: What you do:
Carry out daily cleaning of: Clean computer screens, keyboards or mice Clear up spillages immediately
Offices (floors, skirting and fixtures Clean office desks Ensure surfaces clear of belongings if cleaning required
Classrooms (floors, skirting, tables and fixtures) Move personal belongings Ensure waste disposed of in correct bins
Communal areas (floors, stairs, skirting and fixtures) Clean staff kitchen counters, fridges and crockery Ensure surfaces are clear and clean after every use
Toilets and washrooms Ensure food waste and packaging is disposed of in correct bins
Empty bins Report faults or damage to the Estates Helpdesk

We also carry out deep cleaning of areas such as carpets, toilets and washrooms, classrooms and window cleaning, are carried out several times a year during non-term.