Lost Property

The University lost and found office is located in the Estates and Facilities office (W Block) and is open between the hours of 09.00 hrs and 16.00 hrs Mon – Fri.

All Items found are recorded in the Lost and Found register. The following details will be required from the person reporting the lost item or the person handing in the found property.

  • Name of person
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Date and time the item was lost / found
  • Where the item was lost / found

Once item is recorded it is then placed in a secure location. If the found item contains identification we will make every effort to contact the individual as soon as possible.
To ensure lost items are returned to their rightful owners, persons claiming items must describe the item(s) as closely as possible and provide identification.  Claimants must sign for items before items are released to them. If collecting item on behalf of another individual there must be a letter of authority from the rightful owner.

All found items will be kept for a period of one month unless stated below;

  • Clothing   -  All clothing will be disposed of in a charity clothes Bank and will be recycled after a period of 28 days has passed.
  • Electronic items and non precious metals -  such as phones, chargers, watches , keys and other non precious metal items will be passed to the Waste Manager for disposal through the recycling waste stream .
  • Lost USB/Memory sticks - Where a memory stick has the contact details of the owner written on its body, staff handed the property should make effort to contact the owner.  Staff should not plug the memory stick into their PC to try to identify the owner themselves. 

If the owner of the memory stick has not come forward within 24 hours, the staff member should then send the memory stick via internal mail to: Lost Property, Estates and Facilities, Treforest

Estates and Facilities will hold the USB/Memory stick for 30 days before destruction.  All storage media will be destroyed securely in line with the IT & Confidential Waste Disposal Policy.  Owing to privacy and security concerns, memory sticks that have been found must not be kept by faculties/departments, be reused or passed on to others. Colleagues with any queries can contact the Information Compliance Officer on 01443 482966.

  • Cash and Precious jewellery - Jewellery will be sold and all proceeds along with any lost property cash will be passed to the Finance Office.
  • Bank Cards  -  An attempt will be made to identify and contact the owner and failure to do so  will result in the card issuer being contacted and the card destroyed
  • Medication -  All medication will be passed to the medical centre 
  • Additional items such as bags, umbrellas  -  These will be disposed of through the recycling waste streams

These procedures do not apply to the Sports Centre, Students Union or Halls of Residence

Version 4 – 14/05/2016