Aerospace Centre, Treforest Campus

Security Treforest Contact Information

Kingdom provide security and parking at the Treforest Campus. The Security Control CentreĀ  is located at the entrance to Campus.

Kingdom site manager:
Email: Gavin Ward

Tel No: (01443) 4 82057

Kingdom Training & Admin Manager
Email: Trisha Chaloner

Tel No: (01443) 4 82057

For all other enquiries please contact the Security Control Centre
Email: Security Control Centre

Tel No: (01443) 4 82057

To request parking space(s) for visitors please contact Security Reception
Email: Security Reception

Tel no: (01443) 4 82055

In an Emergency Please Call: (01443) 483333 (Ext 83333 when using an internal land line) then inform Security of the emergency providing as much information as possible.