EV Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette 


  • Please only park at a charge point if you intend to charge your electric vehicle.
  • Parking in an electric vehicle charging bay is only permissible for the duration of the charge. Vehicles must be moved to another location when the charge is complete.
  • Any staff who use these spaces for general parking will be in breach of the University car parking regulations and risk the imposition of an infringement notice

Plugging In

  • Only plug into the charge point if you genuinely need a charge.
  • Please do not remove another person’s cable from a charge point, or use someone else’s cable without permission.
  • The charge points listed are not available for public use


Starting a session

  • Please ensure your charging session has started successfully before leaving your vehicle.


  • The cost to charge your vehicle will be charged at 20p/kWh.
  • There is a maximum stay of 120 minutes (2 hours), if you exceed this time an overstay charge of £10 will automatically be applied to your account.

Ending a Session

  • Please make sure that you end your charging session with the access method you used to start our charge before leaving the charge point.
  • Please holster tethered cables back on the charge point once your charge is complete.

Whilst Charging

If someone wants to use the charge area while a car is connected between 07.00 am and 17.00 pm, it will be queued and a notice given to the user currently charging to tell them that someone is waiting.  Once the current user has moved from the charging station, the user waiting has 30 minutes to set the plug before the space is offered to the next person in the queue.

It is considered polite to return to your vehicle as soon as possible once your vehicle has charged to make the charge point available to others; however some users may not be in a position to return immediately so please be patient with destination charging.


Estates Security will monitor and ensure that drivers of EV’s use the facility for the appropriate charging time and in line with this policy. The University reserves the right to issue an infringement notice on vehicles found to be parked in EV Charging Bays in breach of this policy.

EV Parking Quick Guide


Please note, current pricing for electric vehicle charging is currently being trailed at the stated rate.  This will be reviewed (and may be adjusted) following monitoring and feedback from the Charging Station.

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