Baglan Travel

Staff Travel to Baglan Campus

The University strongly recommends that you consider alternative travel arrangements to driving wherever possible. All campuses are serviced by regular public transport links and are easily accessible by road.

Train Travel

The Baglan campus is within 10 minutes walking distance from Seaway Parade railway station, from which a regular service connects to Cardiff, Newport and other mainline destinations via Cardiff Central.

Car Sharing

Staff are encouraged to arrange their own car shares as traffic and parking congestion are a regular issue at the University. Liftshare is a website offering car sharing opportunities.

How do I arrange a car share to travel to and from University?

Advertise Yourself

Whether you drive yourself and would like to share the cost of your commute with your fellow staff, or you don't drive and would like a lift to work, you can arrange to car share either by asking around the staff in your office, or by enquiring on car sharing website such as Liftshare.


Work out what you’d normally spend on petrol (and tolls if applicable) getting to study, and divide that by the number of people in the car. Remember to include your own share of the costs.

Useful Information on Car Sharing

* Car sharing does not invalidate your insurance, as long as you don't charge your passengers more than the running costs of the journey. Please do check with your insurance company however for clarification.
* You don't have to take anyone who asks: if you'd only feel happy sharing with someone of the same sex, or someone you know, for example, just specify it in your advert.
* You don't need to have a car to car share. If you just need a lift, advertise the fact to drivers on Marketplace and offer to pay them for the petrol.
* The University would benefit from student car sharing, the car-parks would have more space, the roads would be quieter, and as a result you may even get home quicker.


YourParkingSpace are offering 10% discount to staff and students on any parking booked with them throughout the UK.   Use the promotional code UNISOUTHWALES10.