Sustainability is one of the most important and urgent issues facing society today. The University of South Wales is committed to reducing it’s environmental impact through reducing energy consumption and investing in energy efficient products, reducing waste creation and avoiding waste to landfill, promoting and supporting low carbon travel alternatives and undertaking good carbon management practices. 

We encourage all staff and students to adopt sustainable ways of working and living, and are constantly working to embed sustainability into all aspects of University life.

USW is home to an amazing array of cutting edge environmental research. We’re helping to create a safer, more sustainable world with our ground breaking multi-disciplinary research in hydrogen, ecology, anaerobic digestion and advanced power systems.

Our courses cover sustainable themes from all angles, including but not limited to geography, conservation, environmental management, civil engineering and renewable energy.

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Green Week Brings Community Together

USW Green Week aims to encourage students and staff to engage with the sustainability activities on campus and inspire small acts at all levels through direct participation and making positive environmental impact. USW believes in empowering it's students and staff through behavioural change initiatives to make positive contributions and become sustainable citizen. 

The USW Sustainability Team hosted Green Week 2022 organising a number of events where staff and students took part. During the week of 23 – 27 May, activities included: 

Gratitude for the Earth: A note writing activity at the libraries across all campuses saw students and staff submit more than 100 appreciation notes for our planet.

Meatless Monday: Vegetarian and Vegan catering options were served at Stilts on Treforest Campus and Zone at Glyntaff, including a Vegan Mock Duck and Hoisin Wrap, Vegetable and Bean Chilli with a choice of sides.

Biodiversity Day: As part of an educational session on maintaining and enhancing biodiversity across USW, students took a tour around Glyntaff Campus where they learned about our wildflower areas and beehives.

Litter Pick Activity: Students and staff walked along Forest Grove and Llantwit Road, Treforest, to collect litter. The support helped improve the environment on doorstep, eliminating litter, ending waste and creating great places for everyone.

Wellbeing Volunteering Afternoon: In collaboration with Meadow Street Community Garden in Treforest, USW’s Civic Engagement team organised an afternoon of activities for the local community, including gardening and woodland maintenance, and learning to grow fruit and vegetables. The group enjoyed being in nature and having the opportunity to make new friends while sharing skills and knowledge.

If you have any suggestions of environmental activities we could be doing, please get in touch: [email protected].

Green Week 2022

Earth Day 2022

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated by people around the world on 22nd April. The day marks the start of the environmental movement in 1970, to demonstrate support for environmental protection and an opportunity to highlight the issues and environmental challenges affecting our world. Each year millions of people participate in a global event and pledge to protect our planet, environment, and resources.

Earth Day is all about educating people about conservation, protesting against climate change and global warming and encouraging volunteering for the good of the planet.

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This year’s theme is Invest in Our Planet and at USW we are encourage staff and students to get involved.

Click the link below to find out 52 ways to invest in our planet.

Link: https://www.earthday.org/earth-day-tips/

Digital Signage - E

Smart Solar Benches – Treforest Campus

Colleagues and students can now charge their devices while enjoying lunch in the sun, thanks to solar powered charging benches on Treforest Campus.

The Solar Smart WiFi picnic benches include USB and wireless charging, a 4G international router and integrated Bluetooth speakers. They are located on the patio areas opposite FitZone, and outside Crawshays Café.

Powered by solar energy, the stainless steel benches are just one of the ways USW is working towards its target of becoming carbon neutral by 2040. If they prove popular with colleagues and students, more benches could be installed at Student Accommodation and across USW campuses in the future.

Solar Bench

Earth Hour 2022

Earth Hour is a meaningful hour to feel connected to a global community that is advocating for change. It is the world's largest grassroots environmental movement, bringing millions of people together in support of nature, people, and the planet. 

Earth Hour is observed every year on the last Saturday of March, when all around the world, millions of people turn off all non-essential lights and electrics for one hour. This year, on Saturday 26th March between 8.30pm and 9.30pm, the University of South Wales joined in by switching off all non-essential lighting across its campuses for an hour to stand in solidarity with the planet.   

We are all committed to taking local action to aid in the fight against global climate change. Everyone has a part to play in making that happen, and it all starts with a single switch.  

For more information, visit: https://www.wwf.org.uk/earth-hour  

This Earth Hour, we turned off non-essential lighting. These images show lights which we had to keep on for safety reasons, so turned green to mark the occasion.G Block - Earth HourTy Crawshay - Earth Hour

Sustainability Event hosted for the students living in halls at The Hub in Treforest Campus, for the Earth Hour and Water Conservation Day 2022.

The Hub - Sustainability Event

Fairtrade Fortnight 2022

Choosing Fairtrade means supporting farmers in their fight for fairness and equality, in the face of some of the world’s biggest challenges. Fairtrade helps disadvantaged small-scale farmers and workers in a number of ways, and the impact of Fairtrade on these communities is carefully monitored.

The University of South Wales (USW) supports the Fairtrade principles by purchasing Fairtrade products. As part of Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 (21 February – 6 March) USW launched an awareness campaign focusing on educating and encouraging stakeholders to show their support.

The campaign was held across all campuses, reaching out to more than 100 people and receiving positive feedback from students and colleagues who were aware of the fundamental principles of Fairtrade, and will now look out for the Fairtrade logo on their next purchase. Stilts Food Court - Fairtrade Event

Turn USW Green

Turn USW Green is a web app that rewards you 'Green Points' for positive environmental actions which help you live a more sustainable life and help USW achieve its 2040 carbon neutral target.  

At USW we care about protecting our environment, and have made a strong commitment to be carbon neutral by 2040. However, we need the help of everyone at USW to achieve this target. That’s why we’re launching a brand-new way for you to contribute to our sustainability efforts and get rewarded for all the good actions you’re taking

How Turn USW Green works

For each action you take you’ll earn ‘Green Points’ and compete on leader boards with your colleagues, fellow students and as whole departments. 

Each month we’ll reward our top points earning individuals with 4 x £20 vouchers from a range of options, including cinema vouchers, Marks & Spencer and National Book Tokens. For our top performing teams each month there will be a £200 charity donation awarded each term.

Watch the Turn USW Green video to find out more.

How do I get Turn USW Green?

Turn USW Green

Search 'Turn USW Green' in your device's app store or select the following links:

Download 'Turn USW Green' for Android or 'Turn USW Green' for iOS.

New Sustainability Email Address

We’re introducing a new sustainability email address, as a focal point for all communication relating to sustainability.

All queries can now be sent to this address.