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Turn USW Green

Turn USW Green is a web app that rewards you 'Green Points' for positive environmental actions which help you live a more sustainable life and help USW achieve its 2040 carbon neutral target.  

At USW we care about protecting our environment, and have made a strong commitment to be carbon neutral by 2040. However, we need the help of everyone at USW to achieve this target. That’s why we’re launching a brand-new way for you to contribute to our sustainability efforts and get rewarded for all the good actions you’re taking

How Turn USW Green works

For each action you take you’ll earn ‘Green Points’ and compete on leader boards with your colleagues, fellow students and as whole departments. 

Each month we’ll reward our top points earning individuals with 4 x £20 vouchers from a range of options, including cinema vouchers, Marks & Spencer and National Book Tokens. For our top performing teams each month there will be a £200 charity donation awarded each term.

Watch the Turn USW Green video to find out more.

How do I get Turn USW Green?

Turn USW Green

Search 'Turn USW Green' in your device's app store or select the following links:

Download 'Turn USW Green' for Android or 'Turn USW Green' for iOS.

New Sustainability Email Address

We’re introducing a new sustainability email address, as a focal point for all communication relating to sustainability.

All queries can now be sent to this address.

The Sustainability Team

Sustainability Focus Groups

Sustainability focus groups form a core part of our route to carbon neutrality, examining key areas of change and having a direct line of communication with executive members of staff. This will empower big changes to be made, and fed into by people from all areas of the University.

Six focus groups have been set up, each of which with a unique key theme;

Energy and Buildings

Identifying opportunities to make our buildings more efficient and a more pleasant environment to work/study in.  Consideration of all operational impacts of using a building from construction to demolition.  

Teaching, Learning and Research

Identifying opportunities for our teaching, learning and research to include sustainability and climate change.  Engagement with alumni, research partners, local groups/networks/communities.  Incorporating sustainability in curriculum and auditing curriculum against the Sustainable Development Goals

Travel and waste

Identifying opportunities to reduce the impact of our travel – commuting, business travel, field trips etc.  Identifying opportunities to reduce waste and work towards a circular economy.

Sustainable procurement and supply chain

Identifying opportunities to include sustainability in all purchases, monitoring of supply chain, working with suppliers to encourage positive change.

Catering and biodiversity

Identifying opportunities to increase locally and ethically sourced food.  Reducing the carbon impact of our catering activities.  Increasing biodiversity around our campuses.  

Sustainable Students

Student lead group working in collaboration with our Student Union to create encourage sustainability societies, physical events, NUS activities and reduce the impact of our residencies.  

 These focus groups are running in addition to our network of sustainability champions.  Our champions were set up to give anyone an opportunity to discuss ideas with members of staff and tell us about the great work you are doing. We hope that the champions can also form a key line of communication between those directly working in sustainability and the wider university community, helping further spread the word about all the great things that are happening.

Sustainability Champions Signup Form

USW Sustainability Champion

     If you are enthusiastic about making positive changes which could help reduce your carbon footprint or if you have any ideas to help support sustainability at the University, then why not volunteer as a Sustainability Champion?

     Sustainability Champions will form part of a University-wide network of staff and students who are leading positive change for sustainability across the University and who can make an impact in a variety of ways. You will support the work of the Energy and Sustainability Manager by initiating activity in your own area and will be able to make a real difference.

Sustainability Champions Signup Form

Student Say

     The University encourages student say. This is demonstrated in a number of ways including student representation on university committees and among our sustainability champions.

     We currently have student representation on the Board of Governors, our ultimate governing authority.  The Governing Body has planning and strategic responsibility,  and will receive and approve many significant estates and finance decisions.  The Board also has a HR Committee with a student member, and our Academic Board includes two students.  Therefore students are involved and engaged in key decision making across the University, which has a direct impact on our movement to a sustainable future.

An example of student say can be found in our Water Fountains Page.

We actively engage with students through the Students' Union change week. Examples include: 

Spread the word!

                 Download the email banner: 

 Sustainability banner


We’ve made a huge array of content available for download below, to help spread the word on sustainability.