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Meet the team

Sustainability is part of the Estates and Facilities Department. 

Mike Bessell, Director of Estates and Facilities is ultimately responsible for all aspects of sustainability. 

Mike is part of the senior leadership team, reporting to Mark Milton, Chief Operating Officer.

The following staff members look after specific aspects of sustainability.

Alice Milanese; Energy and Sustainability Manager

Responsible for implementing the University’s energy, carbon and sustainability agenda. Her aim is to minimise the carbon footprint of the institution through energy and sustainability initiatives, policy, and stakeholder engagement. 


Alice Schmitz; Energy and Sustainability Analyst 

Responsible for energy monitoring and environmental awareness. Her aim is to minimise wasted energy across the estate through data analysis and promotion of best behavioural practice. 


Christopher Beazer; Assistant Security Manager

Responsible for waste at USW. His primary aim is to minimise physical waste to landfill by improving understanding of waste sorting and ensuring we have the best possible disposal facilities.


Gareth Llewellyn; Head of Property Services

Responsible for sustainable travel at USW. His primary aim is to improve infrastructure for sustainable travel at USW, and minimise the carbon footprint associated with travel. 


Michael Davies; Maintenance Officer

Responsible for biodiversity at USW. His aim is to use his experience in horticulture to inform choices and maximise the variety of life which can inhabit our estate.


Jason Edwards; Head of Hospitality Services

Responsible for catering at USW. His aim is to provide the best possible catering experience at USW, and minimise the waste associated with doing so.