Policy & Strategy

Financial resource for sustainability

The University recognises that it has an important part to play in reducing its carbon emissions as an environmentally responsible institution.  Each year, a budget is provided to the Sustainability Team to implement a variety of environmental initiatives which are supported within our Sustainability Strategy.  Examples of how this budget has been used to date include LED lighting upgrades, solar PV installations, electric vehicle charging point installations, upgrades to window seals, thermal insulation of pipework, installation of utility sub meters, upgrade of waste bins and waste signage, awareness and engagement materials, and improved bike shelters to name a few.  Current and future budget will be utilised to implement environmental improvements which support our journey to decarbonisation. 

Staff inductions

Sustainability is embedded throughout the University.  Staff inductions include key sustainability messages and direct staff to relevant resources and information on how they can help us achieve our goals, targets and ambitions. 

Student say

The University encourages student say.  This is demonstrated in a number of ways including student representation on university committees.  We currently have student representation on the Board of Governors, our ultimate governing authority.  The Governing Body has planning and strategic responsibility,  and will receive and approve many significant estates and finance decisions.  The Board also has a HR Committee with a student member, and our Academic Board includes two students.  Therefore students are involved and engaged in key decision making across the University

An example of student say can be found in our Water Fountains Page.

We actively engage with students through the Students' Union change week. Examples include: 

Environmental Policy

1.    Introduction

The University of South Wales is a major institution and has an important role to play in environmental stewardship and sustainability.  As an institution, we are committed to sustainability. This is embedded within our Core Values; Professional, Responsive, Creative, Inspiring and Collaborative.  It also ensures we meet the requirements of the Welsh Government’s Well-being of Future Generations Act.

2.       The University is committed to reducing its environmental impact through the following aims:

  • Procure 100% of electricity from renewable sources.
  • Minimise unnecessary consumption of electricity, gas and water through regular monitoring and targeting.
  • Encourage low carbon transportation in all staff and students.
  • Decrease waste wherever possible and avoid waste to landfill.
  • Implement energy efficiency measures in new and existing buildings.
  • Utilize the external areas of the estate for optimum biodiversity.
  • Engage staff and students around the University to act as sustainability champions.
  • Work with our procurement team to review and challenge our supply chain to ensure it creates the minimum adverse environmental impact.

Plans and Publications

The University recognises the importance of reducing its environmental impact and carbon footprint.  Therefore, we have developed a number of key documents to demonstrate our commitment to this and ensure we remain on target to achieve our objectives. 

USW Environmental Strategy 2015-2020

USW Biodiversity Action Plan 2019-2022

USW Carbon Strategy 2019-2025

USW Energy Management Policy

USW Space Temperature Policy