Supplier Spotlight: Real Wrap

Real Wrap are the world’s first Carbon negative food-to-go. USW first started using them in 2019, as an award-winning sandwich supplier. With headquarters within a 50-mile radius and an ever increasing emphasis on shopping local, they were an obvious choice.

Unfortunately, the catering offer remains impacted by the pandemic, but under usual circumstances all of our sandwiches, baguettes, panninis, toasties, salad boxes, wraps, fruit pots and sushi come from Real Wrap.

But what is it that makes Real Wrap so special? Their range of sustainable initiatives is vast. Packaging has been made sustainable by moving to plastic free materials or materials made from 100% recycled plastics. Food miles were reduced, and suppliers worked with to green their supply chain.

Real Wrap wanted to go deeper though. With time of the essence in the climate emergency, they believed radical changes in mindset were necessary.

The first step in any process of decarbonisation is measuring your carbon footprint. Real Wrap did just this, and then dove into the different facets of their footprint. Changing energy supplier to 100% green energy reduced their emission by 13% instantly; something everyone can do themselves. All delivery vans run with the most carbon efficient available engines available, with an electric alternative on the way. A team of professionals was then brought in to work through every detail of their supply chain and lift the lid on every bit of Carbon.

Real Wrap believe in more than just need to balance their effects though, they want to reverse them. That is why Real Wrap work are part of an offsetting scheme, investing in renewable energy sources, planting trees and providing clean water to communities in Africa. Being green helps more than the planet, it helps communities and aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

So next time you grab a quick bite to eat, by choosing Real Wrap, you can contribute to actively taking carbon out of the atmosphere. Not bad for a lunch break!