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Catering Services is set to replace all its disposable coffee cups with a deposit-return scheme from June 2021, in a bid to reduce the amount of single use cups we throw away each year. On average USW uses approximately 159,017 disposable cups each year, this equates to 72 tonnes of C02 emitted to the atmosphere or 718 Kg of waste.

The USW Cup scheme working in tandem with our BYO* cup scheme allows users to pay a £10 deposit on a cup that can later be returned and refunded or replaced with a new cup when you order a hot drink. The USW Cup scheme was funded by the Welsh Government Circular Economy Fund in a bid to remove all unnecessary plastic waste.

The cups are made from a biopolymer made from coffee bean husks, are non-toxic (BPA Free) and are 100% recyclable.

Over the last two years Catering Services have taken steps towards reducing plastic waste on campus. They have moved towards plastic free alternatives, which include cardboard takeaway containers, wooden cutlery, reusable cups, food containers and free water fountains to name but a few.

*Bring Your Own

What is USW Cup?

USW Cup combines the ease of buying a hot drink in a disposable cup with the environmental benefits of using a reusable cup. Participants in the programme can check out, use and then return their used cups to any outlet to be cleaned.

  1. To join the scheme, put down a £10 refundable deposit and download the HuskeeSwap app [Apple or Android]
  2. The USW Cup you are provided with can be used as often as you like at any USW catering outlet across all campuses.
  3. Purchase your favourite hot beverage, which will be served in a clean, sterile USW Cup.
  4. Once you've finished your drink, you can either return the used USW Cup to any outlet and order another drink, which will be served in a clean reusable cup, or ask for a refund on your initial deposit;
  5. or by using the HuskeeSwap app simply return your cup and Store it for future use.
  6. To opt out simply return your USW Cup and get your £10 deposit back.

This scheme helps us, and the University reduce our environmental impact, and is another example of our ongoing commitment to Sustainability. So, join the scheme and save waste and money!

Huskee with Coffee

HuskeeSwap app 

The app features will make using reusables more convenient than ever before. 

Here’s how it works:

Participants in the programme can check out, use and then return their used cups to any outlet to be cleaned. By using the HuskeeSwap app [Apple or Android] you can return your empty cup and STORE it in readiness for you next visit.

How do I use the app?

First things first, you'll need to download the app from your app store and register if you want to STORE or WITHDRAW your USW Cup. You can still use the app without registering but it will only function as a locations map.

On the main screen, you'll then have the following options:

  • Search Cafes - to find your nearest swap site
  • Store a Cup - to store a cup with a cafe
  • Withdraw a Cup - to withdraw a cup from where you stored a cup
  • Borrow a Cup – Function will not be used at USW.

To Store your USW Cup, simply click on the STORE option on the app. A viewfinder will then appear which they'll need to align with the Coffee Shop QR code.  Likewise, when withdrawing a stored cup and returning a borrowed cup, the QR code will need to be scanned.

To Withdraw your USW Cup. Inform a staff member that you would like to use a stored cup and show them your app screen when prompted, so they know to make your drink in a USE Cup that’s been stored with them

                                  HuskeeSwap App